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Shred and delete files or traces to keep the pc private with Total Privacy
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Pointstone Software, LLC

Do you want to keep all what you have done on your pc in secret? To make sure that no one else but you knew what you have done? Total Privacy is a well-known product provided by Pointstone. This powerful tool enables you to delete any internet traces left on your computer, all the history and the files you do not want other users to see, or hide them in a way that no busybody can meddle with them. In addition to this, there is one more advantage of this program. Total Privacy deletes all unnecessary files and allows your computer to run fast and smoothly as always.

To begin with, you can select to Wash the computer, by selecting the files you want to disappear, such as cookies, temporary files, internet browser's cache, or merely shred or clean these items, so that you leave no track and your computer can not be traced. The selection of the items to delete can be done automatically or you can choose manually which items will be shredded or cleaned. To make it even more private, you can set a password for the program.

You can even automatize the profiles by scheduling the time or event when these should run. You can also manage the Windows start up by enabling the programs you want to run automatically on start up, even those ones you do not want to be seen by others. Forget about worrying who is going to see all your private contents, especially if you share your computer at work and want to avoid your mates or your boss to know what you are doing. In this way you not only hide but also make sure that your files are protected.

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  • Very complete and safe
  • Easy to run
  • Can be protected by a password
  • Ensures total privacy


  • Only available in two languages
  • Slow to download
  • Internet connection is necessary
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